'DWTS' shocker: See which top contestant got eliminated

'DWTS' Shocker: See Which Top Contestant Got Eliminated
'DWTS' Shocker: See Which Top Contestant Got Eliminated

The competition is certainly heating up on "Dancing With the Stars," and Monday, one of the show's top performers was given the boot.

"On this seventh week of competition, the couple leaving right now is... Willow and Mark," said Tom Bergeron on "Dancing With the Stars."

"I just want to just, first of all, say a big thank you to Willow for being the most incredible partner. I think she's shown incredible improvement from day one, taking risks. She's only 14 guys," said Mark Ballas.

Yes, everyone on the show was completely shocked by Willow Shield's elimination - especially the judges.

Fans were quick to sound off on Twitter over Willow and partner Mark's departure, saying they were completely outraged and that Willow was "robbed."

'Dancing With the Stars': The Sixth DWTS Elimination of 2015
'Dancing With the Stars': The Sixth DWTS Elimination of 2015

And they weren't the only ones who were upset. Even Hollywood Life chimed in and said they couldn't believe Willow was sent home after earning a perfect 10 from Bruno earlier in the episode.

"WHAT? So sorry, but she's so much better than Robert and Chris. It was heartbreaking to see her crying in Mark's arms after the elimination."

But USA Today probably put it best: "'Dancing With the Stars' is driving us crazy!" Yep, pretty much.

And to make the loss sting even more, it was immunity week, meaning the highest-scoring couple was safe from elimination.

Even though Nastia Liukin and her temporary partner Sasha earned this week's highest score, Willow and Mark were only one point away from immunity.

So close, yet oh so far. The odds were just not in Willow's favor.

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