Doctor takes 100 pills a day in effort to live to 150

Doctor Takes 100 Pills A Day In Effort To Live To 150
Doctor Takes 100 Pills A Day In Effort To Live To 150

An anti-aging expert in the UK believes that it's possible for humans to live to the ripe old age of 150, and to prove it he's using himself as a test subject.

As part of his research, Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov says he takes 100 pills a day which includes both drugs and supplements, but it's not all about the medication. He also keeps up with getting any new vaccinations and monitors his cell counts and blood biochemistry.

However, the most important part of his practice may be that he maintains the belief that living to that age is possible.

According to Zhavoronkov, one of the biggest longevity hurdles people face is psychological in nature.

He says, "People are evolved to accept their certain decline and demise...and events like child birth or retirement trigger many processes that are very difficult to reverse."

He points out that people are already living longer today than ever, and promising developments in pharmacology and regenerative medicine will likely further extend life expectancies.

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