Bruce Jenner memorabilia a hot item on eBay since Diane Sawyer interview


Since Bruce Jenner told ABC's Diane Sawyer "I am a woman" on April 24, sales of his Olympic memorabilia have soared.

One hot item selling on eBay is the Wheaties cereal box cover that shows Jenner passing the finish line at the 1976 Olympics. Since Friday, nine boxes have sold, and another is about to go for $265. It's a huge increase in sales from before the interview, when only 12 boxes were purchased between February 14 and April 22.

In that period, the boxes were also going for a lot less, a maximum of $69.

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There have also been increases in sales for Jenner's action figure, which commemorates his stint at the Olympics as well. Since the sit-down, 65 action figures (some in boxes, some not) have been listed on eBay. One is being sold for $1,250. Before the interview, they were offered for anywhere between $5 and $30.

Other Bruce Jenner memorabilia that are experiencing an all-time selling high right now are his Olympic jersey ($200-$500), his signed running shoes ($7,900) and lithographs ($200).

Last week, ABC aired a two-hour interview with Jenner on "20/20," in which he elaborated on his life-long struggle of being a woman trapped inside a man's body. The broadcast pushed the news program to a 15-year ratings high, as TheWrap previously reported.