Wow! Triplet moms get amazing individual makeovers!

3 Jaw-Dropping Makeovers for a Set of Triplets
3 Jaw-Dropping Makeovers for a Set of Triplets

Rachael Ray meets three moms who are too busy to take time for themselves and need a little help to freshen up their looks -- and they happen to be triplets!

Rachael, Jennifer and April were dressed alike as kids, and even now, at 44, they still don't feel like they have individual style. That's about to change, as Rachael assigns each of them a stylist to make over their look -- celeb hair pro Kyan Douglas makes over Rachael, stylist Lawrence Zarian assists Jennifer, and makeup artist Cynde Watson helps April.

You'll never believe the before and afters for these makeovers! These ladies truly have their own looks now. Watch the big reveal above!

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