Student carries friend with disability to school every day

Student Carries Friend With Disability To School Every Day
Student Carries Friend With Disability To School Every Day

Two friends in China are warming hearts around the Internet.

Xie Xu, 18, and Zhang Chi, 19, live in dorms near their high school in northern China's province of Jiangsu.

Zhang suffers from muscular dystrophy - a condition that causes a person to gradually become weaker over time.

For the last three years, Xie has carried Zhang piggy-back-style to make sure he gets to all of his classes. Xie says he picks up and carries his friend at least a dozen times in a day for more than 200 days a year. He takes him to school, the cafeteria, between classes and back home.

According to RT, Xie has inspired other students to help Zhang at school. The headmaster, who has been deeply touched by the story, said, "They aren't family, but Xie has been doing this for three years. He's the most beautiful student. He also exerts positive influence on other students, who readily help Zhang. With their assistance, Zhang has never missed out on one single class."

One user on Chinese social media commented,"Piggybacking once isn't hard at all, but what amazes us is that he's stuck to it for so long! Good job!"

And an American user called their story "inspiring" on Twitter.

Both teens are at the top of their class and though they have only a short time left before they attend different schools, the Internet is holding out hope that they'll remain close.

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