'Castle' star Stana Katic marries longtime love over the weekend

'Castle': Castle and Beckett's Wedding Ceremony
'Castle': Castle and Beckett's Wedding Ceremony

Stana Katic is a married woman!

The "Castle" star, 37, wed her longtime boyfriend, business efficiency consultant Kris Brkljak, over the weekend, her rep confirmed to multiple sources.

While details on their nuptials remain short, the happy couple reportedly exchanged vows at a private family monastery on the Dalmation Coast of Croatia. The Canadian-born star is of Serbian descent.

Katic likely got practice for her real-life walk down the aisle from her recent wedding on television. On the last season of her hit ABC show, Katic, who plays Detective Kate Beckett, said "I do" to her longtime partner and paramour, Richard Castle.

Hopefully Katic's real wedding was every bit as dreamy as her on-screen one. During her television wedding, she donned a stunning, fashion-forward white lace gown with a bow in the back and she and Castle said their vows at sunset in the Hamptons.

Congrats to Katic and her new hubby!