Rob Dyrdek's proposal to girlfriend Bryiana was quite the stunt

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Love is in the air! Rob Dyrdek proposed to his girlfriend Bryiana Noelle Flores in Disneyland and the proposal looked incredible!

The "Fantasy Factory" boss took his girlfriend Bryiana Noelle Flores to the theme park over the weekend and saw "Aladdin," one of her favorite shows.

During the performance, Rob organized for the cast to help in his dreamy proposal stunt. First, he left to use the bathroom and returned on stage to surprise his soon-to-be fiancé in front of the huge audience! Next, he climbed up atop an elephant and then recruited the cast to help him with the rest. He used three wishes, by way of the Genie, to get Bryiana to come on stage -- in which he proceeded to blissfully declare his love for her down on one knee.

Turns out, his proposal was as elaborate of a production as "Aladdin" itself.

Click through photos from Rob Dyrdek's Instagram and check out his incredible proposal:

The newly engaged couple has since been spending some time in the Caribbean to celebrate their new engagement.

Congrats Rob and Bryiana!

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