Piedmont woman looking for mother using social media

Woman Hoping To Find Birth Mother Through Social Media

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Elisha LeBaron is trying to find her birth mother.

"I have some health issues that I really need to ask her about," said LeBaron, who turned to social media to try a find her mom she hasn't heard from since she was 8. "A letter came from Louisiana, so that's the last I know of her."

LeBaron's parents divorced when she was very young and knows her mother's name and birth date. She had seen social media work for other people and with the need to know her family medical history she posted a photo on Facebook.

Unlike others searching for birth parents LeBaron knows a few details about her mother's past. "She was raised in Korea and then she was brought here by my father," she said. "When they were married, she obtained her citizenship."

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