Man abandoned near dumpster as a baby reunites with biological father

Man Meets Father After Being Abandoned by Dumpster as a Baby
Man Meets Father After Being Abandoned by Dumpster as a Baby

A California man who was abandoned as a baby experienced back-to-back heartwarming stories over the weekend, eventually meeting his biological father for the first time in 25 years.

Robin Barton, who was left behind a dumpster as a newborn, was reunited with the Santa Ana, California police officer who rescued him on KTLA Friday.

"I'm extremely grateful. Not just for him but to his wife, as well, and to everyone else that was involved in me being saved that evening," Barton said.

Barton's biological father, Marcos Meza, saw reports of that reunion and reached out to KABC and local police to help him reconnect his son.

After that meeting, Barton has not only met Meza, but also five sisters.

"There are a myriad of feelings between shock, happiness, amazement, etc," Barton said.

Meza says he didn't know Barton had been abandoned until he was later questioned by police. Barton's mother served three years in prison for child endangerment and attempted murder for abandoning him in that dumpster.

Barton told KABC he does not blame his mother for what happened, saying, "I forgive her because she was a young woman in a very compromising position." Barton now has plans to meet with his mother sometime soon.

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