Comedian Artie Lange chats with AOL BUILD about his role in 'Laugh Killer Laugh'

Artie Lange LIVE on AOL BUILD
Artie Lange LIVE on AOL BUILD

Comedian Artie Lange is back on the big screen, and this time he's doing what he does best -- comedy.

The new film "Laugh Killer Laugh" is filled with crime, mixed with drama and a dash of comedy. The movie centers around a jewel thief named Frank Stone played by William Forsythe. He is extremely disturbed, anti-social and not a fan of comedy; however, that is until he wakes up from a very long coma.

Artie Lange plays what else but a stand-up comedian. Lange actually plays himself at a comedy club where Frank Stone visits. This isn't Lange's first time in the limelight, though. The famous comedian has been a member of MADTv, appeared in Beer League, and was most famously part of Howard Stern on Demand.

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