NFL Draft Rumors: Buccaneers have been contacted by multiple teams

NFL Draft Debate: Jameis Winston Vs. The Field
NFL Draft Debate: Jameis Winston Vs. The Field

In just four days, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will officially be on the clock with their No. 1 pick at the 2015 NFL Draft. Well, actually, they will be unless they oblige one of the multiple offers that have been made to them already in regards to that No. 1 pick.

According to Yahoo's Rand Getlin, with the draft just days away, the Buccaneers have already been contacted by multiple teams inquiring about what it would take to trade up for that coveted No. 1 pick.

Now while the identities of the teams have not been revealed, it goes without saying that one of the rumored names will end up being Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles. We can't seem to get through a full day anymore without hearing about Kelly's potential desire to draft his former Oregon recruit, quarterback Marcus Mariota. With that being the case, it would make perfect sense for him to make a call to the Bucs to get that No. 1 pick, securing their chances at landing the Heisman winner.

Another possibility could be the San Diego Chargers. It's been no secret as well that they may be parting ways with Philip Rivers, putting them in line for a quarterback. Now there were whispers that they were trying to deal with the Tennessee Titans for that No. 2 pick, but there's a chance that maybe those talks fell through, if they even happened. Earlier this week it was reported that the two sides actually haven't discussed a deal at all. Therefore, it would fit if they called the Buccaneers and Lovie Smith to see if they'd be OK with Rivers being their solution under center.

Or, we could receive a huge shock and someone could be trading up to beef up the defensive side of the ball. Maybe a team from the back end is trying to get up there to put Leonard Williams on their defensive line, pushing both Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston out of the top slot.

There's a number of possibilities here, but we know that teams are making the effort to persuade the Bucs to give that top pick up, something that we see virtually every year at this time.

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