MLB power rankings: Royals proving last season not a fluke

In the marathon that is a Major League Baseball season, it is incredibly easy to react to any small sample size as an indication to what the entire race will entail.

Naturally, this is constantly changing, especially since most teams can change their fates daily.With that, roughly ten percent of the season's games are behind us. The results of one or two particular series are now meaningless, as almost the entire month of April can be taken into account as a whole. Some teams - Yankees, Cardinals, and Mets, specifically - have enjoyed the latter part of the opening month, while others - Tigers and Rockies - have cooled off after blistering hot starts.

Either way, the first leg of the race is nearly complete. Now, we can assess the positions of the participants in the first of edition of our MLB Power Rankings.

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Are the Royals Getting Out of Hand?
Are the Royals Getting Out of Hand?

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