How to create the perfectly-tuned desk for maximum workspace comfort

How To Create The Perfectly Tuned Desk
How To Create The Perfectly Tuned Desk

Spending all day hunched over a computer screen can be a pain in the neck ... literally! Occupational therapist Dr. David Rempel has a few easy desk and chair adjustments that can make the tension fade away.

If you suffer from the most common discomforts associated with the workplace like aches in the neck and upper back regions, small changes to your desk can have a big impact.

Make sure your mouse is closer to your keyboard to minimize reaching. Also, your computer monitor should not be too far from you. You should be able to decipher the characters on the screen when you're sitting back in your chair. Either move the monitor closer to your body, or increase the character size.

Rempel also recommends getting up every 45 minutes to an hour to walk around for a few minutes around the office throughout the day.

See the video above for more details.

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