George W. Bush cried while visiting wounded soldiers

George W. Bush Cried While Visiting Wounded Soldiers
George W. Bush Cried While Visiting Wounded Soldiers

Even the leader of the free world can't help but cry sometimes.

Fox News host Dana Perino is out with her first book, "And The Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side," in which she talks about her time as former President George W. Bush's press secretary.

In one excerpt, which she published on the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal, she talks about heartwarming moments in 2005, when she and Bush were visiting families at the Walter Reed military hospital in Washington D.C.

Bush was awarding a Purple Heart to a wounded Marine who had not opened his eyes since being hit by an IED in Iraq. After the presentation, the soldier came to and the president rushed over to his side and told the military aid to do it again.

"So we stood silently as the military aide presented the Marine with the award for a second time. The president had tears dripping from his eyes onto the Marine's face," Perino writes.

Later that day, the president would shed another tear.

"One mom and dad of a dying soldier from the Caribbean were devastated, the mom beside herself with grief. She yelled at the president, wanting to know why it was her child and not his who lay in that hospital bed."

She says that the president offered to comfort her "but then just stood and took it."

Later as Perino and Bush were on the Marine One heading back to the White House she says he told her, "'That mama sure was mad at me ... and I don't blame her a bit.' One tear slipped out the side of his eye and down his face. He didn't wipe it away, and we flew back to the White House."

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