Applicant goes above and beyond to get herself noticed by her dream company

Airbnb-Obsessed Woman 'Floors' CEO with Job Application
Airbnb-Obsessed Woman 'Floors' CEO with Job Application

Job hunting sure isn't easy, but it seems like Nina Mufleh has figured it out. Most people, whether or not they have a job, have a company that they could only dream of working at. Well, after being a host on AirBnB for nine months, Mufleh knew the company was her calling.

She packed up her bags and moved from the country of Jordan all the way to San Francisco, California (an 18 hour flight!), which was just part of her attempt to get a job with the company. At the beginning, her emails and applications went unnoticed. So, Mufleh took it a step further and created her own website in the AirBnB fashion and then created an entire strategy for the apartment sublet and rental company to grow in Dubai.

Talk about dedication! In the end, the CEO and the CMO of the company took notice and they set up a meeting with her.

How far have you gone to get noticed by your dream company for a job? Give your answer in the comments!

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