10 most underrated NFL fan bases


When discussing the top fan bases in the NFL, a list can also serve as a "most annoying fan bases in the NFL".

It can be boring to just name the Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers or the Dallas Cowboys as the best fan bases. Those fans don't need any more of a self-esteem boost, they are already blessed with winning. No, instead we take a look at the most underrated NFL fan bases.

The criteria here are varied. Some of these teams are popular fan bases overshadowed by similar but more popular competitors. Some of these teams are disrespected franchises deserving of more recognition. One is here just because they aren't the Seattle Seahawks.

In any event, each team is deserving of more attention and recognition in the NFL news cycle. Folks quickly tire of constantly hearing about the New England Patriots, or the New York Jets, or whatever team Johnny Manziel plays for. Other teams have fans that care.

This list is both painfully unscientific and entirely arbitrary. That being said, it is also definitive, so if you don't like it, them's the brakes kiddo.

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