Supervolcano under Yellowstone is much bigger than we thought

The Volcano Under Yellowstone Is Way Bigger Than We Thought
The Volcano Under Yellowstone Is Way Bigger Than We Thought

We all know Old Faithful, roaming bison, and breathtaking scenery, make up what is the oldest national park in our nation. But it's less likely you've heard about the supervolcano living underneath Yellowstone National Park.

Although it may not be well known, it has been there all along, helping heat the famous hot springs and produce those beloved geysers. But what scientists recently uncovered is just how expansive it truly is. A new enormous magma reservoir was found below the older one, spanning 30 miles long, 44 miles wide and about 12 miles deep. That's enough magma to fill the Grand Canyon 11 times over.

It's potential of destruction can be daunting, with the last full eruption 640,000 years ago covering the West and Midwest with feet of toxic volcanic ash.

But no need to go to extreme measures just yet as scientists estimate that for any given year, the likelihood of that happening is about a 1 in 700,000 chance.

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