Move aside, Kim. North West learned how to take selfies

Does North West Take Selfies? Kim Kardashian Spills
Does North West Take Selfies? Kim Kardashian Spills

By now, you've already realized that Kim Kardashian West is the queen of selfies. From her infamous Instagram account to her upcoming book release, Selfish, it's safe to say her solo pics paired with a signature pout are fool-proof 'internet breakers'.

But looks like she might not have that title for long. In an interview at the Variety Power of Women luncheon, theKeeping Up With the Kardashiansstar admits that there's a new selfie prodigy underway. "I noticed in the Photobooth in the computer that there were all these selfies of her [North West] that she doesn't realizes she's taking."

Looks like selfie savvy runs in the family. Like mother, like daughter.

Check out more adorable photos of North West:

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