Why you'll marry your next one night stand

Why You'll Marry Your Next One Night Stand
Why You'll Marry Your Next One Night Stand

These days, we seem to be dating in the high speed lane. Millennials commit to relationships much quicker than the generation before them. Of course, we still encounter the occasional commitment-phobe or player, but once millennials today find someone they like, they attach themselves to this person quite quickly. The "courting" process is rapidly decreasing.

Upon dating someone new, we all wonder how soon is too soon to have "the talk" (read: that dreaded conversation about "where we stand"). The conversation can either end in an agreement to be exclusive, or in an agreement to take more time getting to know each other first. Today, relationships are becoming "exclusive" after about six dates. Not only is "the talk" occurring very early on in relationships, but more and more couples are agreeing to become exclusive after having said talk.

Within about a month of meeting each other, many couples find themselves in legitimate, monogamous relationships. Perhaps technological advances are to credit (or blame) for this increasing speed of the dating game. Don't even try to suggest that you don't cyber-stalk the guy you're about to meet before your first date. We all do it, and it definitely makes the "getting to know you" part of the courting system much faster to get through. Plus, through texting and snaps, we're able to communicate and connect with our potential partners easier.

More than 1/4 of people in committed relationships say they started out as what they thought would be a "one night stand." Next time you head home with that charming guy you met at the bar, you could be in the company of your future hubby!

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