Why Judge Judy wears a lace collar in the courtroom

Why Judge Judy Wears a Lace Collar in the Courtroom
Why Judge Judy Wears a Lace Collar in the Courtroom

Leave it to Judge Judy Scheindlin to make a boring black robe a fashion statement.

The 72-year-old daytime TV star makes more than just her biting wit stand out in the courtroom.

If you pay close attention to the judge, you'll notice she always wears a lace collar on her black robes. But why?

Judy opened up about her classic look in an exclusive interview with ET and told Fashion Police's executive producer Melissa Rivers, "I think that it always annoyed me that men were able to put on a great white shirt or a blue shirt and a tie and that's what hit your skin. You know, they always look great, and women have this black against their skin."

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The robe is "nothing fitted, nothing glamorous," Judy explained. "So that's why I started to wear the lace collar."

But the collar is not only for her own comfort. "I started to wear the lace collar, because I figured, you know what, it's disarming," she said. "People walk into a courtroom and think 'Look at that sweet lovely judge that I was lucky to get. She wears a lace collar, how bad could she be?'"

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Rivers summed up the tactic perfectly saying, "It's a bait and switch!"

And Judy could not help but agree to her very own brilliance.

Check out the above video to see the judge's fashion, and the clip below to see her remember Melissa's mom and her late friend, Joan Rivers.

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