Why funny people get laid

Why Funny People Get Laid
Why Funny People Get Laid

Being funny gets you more than just laughs. We always knew that sex and humor have a lot in common. They both raise endorphins, release stress, and build social closeness and status. What we didn't know is that they have each other in common. A new study shows that making someone laugh is the first step to making them orgasm.

A new paper attempts to show how funny guys attract more women. The paper predicted women's propensity to initiate sex, how often they have sex, and other nitty gritty details about women's sexual experiences in comparison to their male partners. The study yields a correlation between funny male partners and women's orgasm frequency.

Of course, it must be noted that no causation was found. Unfortunately, humor has proven difficult to test because everyone's sense of humor is individualized. However, some evolutionary psychologists believe that humor evolved as a sexual selection tool. We know that in order for humor to evolve, partners had to select mates that were funny. Regardless of causation, it is clear that both women and men prefer a sexual partner with a good sense of humor. Better start working on those knock knock jokes!

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