Watch this father and son's adorable 'Little Einstein' dance-off

Father and 4-Year-Old Son Have Adorable Dance Off
Father and 4-Year-Old Son Have Adorable Dance Off


Choreographer Keith Silva seems to have a natural on his hands with his four-year-old son, Jayden.

The father and son put some moves together for Jayden's upcoming solo dance competition to a Little Einstein song and recorded their practice session for Jayden to watch. They posted it online and the next thing you know, their impromptu dance went viral.

Jayden's mom, Marissa Tavano owns Artistic Dance Studio in Fall River with Keith. She told INSIDE EDITION, "Jayden loves to dance. He's been dancing since he could walk. He's like a little sponge. He loves to perform."

Jayden's dad, Keith choreographed recording artist Jordan Knight's Live and Unfinished Tour and it's clear his talent was handed down to little Jayden.

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Marissa said, "Keith brought up the idea to do the song in his solo, so they made up the dance in like, five minutes, and did it a few times."

If Jayden is this good at just four years old, we can only imagine what his future performing career may hold.

Watch the entire adorable routine below:

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