Twitter is distraught over McDreamy (SPOILERS)

'Grey's Anatomy': Derek's Fatal Car Accident
'Grey's Anatomy': Derek's Fatal Car Accident

Today is dedicated to wearing pajama pants, eating ice cream and processing the grief that was last night's "Grey's Anatomy" episode.

Derek Shepherd died last night in a tragic car accident, but he lives on forever in our hearts. #McDreamyForever

Don't feel alone in your despair, Twitter is here to commiserate with you during these dark times. Scroll through to check out the Internet's emotional meltdown following the death of Derek Shepherd.

So ABC did not make friends last night.

Do we dress in all black or is this more of a lab coat occasion...? Serious question.

We TRUSTED YOU, Shonda. Okay, we still love you. But WHY.

BRB, traveling to the only place where McDreamy lives on.

*Sniffles uncontrollably*

If you see someone looking a little melancholy today, pat them on the shoulder and tell them McDreamy still lives on Netflix. We'll get through this one together.

Will you still be watching Grey's Anatomy after the loss of your favorite doctor? Let us know in the comments!

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