Teen recreates Old Spice ad for epic 'promposal'

Teen Recreates Old Spice Ad for 'Promposal'

High school students, are you looking for inspiration for your prom proposal? Have you checked ... the shower? Denver teenager Felipe Prado's play on a famous TV ad not only got his date to say yes, but it's also making him a viral sensation.

As KMGH reports: "Felipe knew he wanted to involve a horse when asking his classmate Kara Wachsmann to the prom, and he instantly thought of that now-famous Old Spice commercial. Kara was led to her knight in sweater armor holding a sign saying: 'Although I'm not the Old Spice guy, going to prom would be fly.'"

Teen's promposal old spice goes viral
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Teen recreates Old Spice ad for epic 'promposal'
It seems like my prom flyers worked😉🐴😏 http://t.co/lVAywc6fFY
Attention @Felipepepe721: copyright infringement is a surefire way to get your limo paid for by Old Spice #Promposal https://t.co/xTZi9q4qxA
Ladies, could u turn down a prom-posal like this? A Parker teen's spoof on @OldSpice is viral http://t.co/yXE4KCQ4Wx http://t.co/b48ruvyFC5

For comparison, here's the original ad. "Anything is possible when you man smells like Old Spice and not a lady. I'm on a horse," the Old Spice guy says.

Apparently Wachsmann said yes ... after she finished laughing.

Prado told KMGH he never dreamed the promposal would get as much attention as it has. And his date seems just as surprised, saying, "I didn't really expect it to go all crazy on Twitter."

Old Spice even took notice of the promposal, sending the high schoolers a surprise message that the company will be paying for their limo to the dance.

We don't know if the two are a couple, and a reporter at KMGH was met with giggles when she asked the question. We do know that Prado has upped the promposal bar -- even wedding proposals might now seem inadequate.

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