Michelle Knight: I forgive Ariel Castro 'in every sense'

Michelle Knight: I Forgive Ariel Castro 'In Every Sense'
Michelle Knight: I Forgive Ariel Castro 'In Every Sense'

It was one of Giuliana Rancic's most intense interviews yet.

On "Beyond Candid" Thursday, the E! host sat down with Michelle Knight, one of the three young women kidnapped, raped and beaten for years by Ariel Castro.

But after describing the countless horrors she experienced during her 11 years in captivity, Knight revealed she has learned to forgive Castro.

"So you can honestly say that you forgive Ariel Castro?" asked Giuliana Rancic on "Beyond Candid With Giuliana."

"Yes, in every sense of the way. Even though other people may not feel like I should, but I feel like I should. It's like turning dirt into gold," said Michelle Knight.

Even though Castro tortured her, made her miscarry five times and forced her to eat food she was allergic to and left her to die, Knight says she doesn't hold onto any hate for him anymore.

Knight admitted to Rancic it took a long time for her to let go of that hatred, but after a while, she wanted to show others that it is possible to move on from something like this.

As you'll recall, Knight and Castro's other captives, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, were finally able to escape from his grasp in May 2013.

And just a few months later, Castro was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years. But he ended up cutting that life short - he committed suicide in his prison cell in September 2013.

Knight is still dealing with both the physical and emotional scars the ordeal left her with. To this day, she has trouble eating, she constantly battles headaches and gets sick very easily.

But that hasn't stopped her from hoping for a better tomorrow.

Knight has legally changed her name, and she's looking forward to one day owning a house, getting married, having children and just being happy.

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