German shepherd reveals what dogs do when they are home alone

GoPro Shows What Dogs Really Do When Home Alone
GoPro Shows What Dogs Really Do When Home Alone

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - When the humans are away, do the pups really play? That's what one local couple wanted to know.

Ashley Brown and Keith Knittel, of Lakewood, put a GoPro camera on their German Shepherd before they left for dinner one night. Brown said they were gone about a half an hour, but the video from Lola's point of view was eye-opening.

"I hate leaving her alone in the house so that's why I wanted to see what she did when we were gone, and it broke my heart," Brown said. "Just knowing that she sits there and spends her day waiting on me to come home, that tugged on my heartstrings."

Watch the original video here:

The 4-year-old pup paced, and checked windows and doors. She even camped out in the closet to wait for her owners to return.

Brown said this active dog is not cooped up at home often. Lola goes swimming, visits dog parks and enjoys running with her owners.

Knittel posted the video on YouTube on Jan. 10 and it has more than 700,000 views.

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