Dramatic rescue of toddler captured on video

Worker Rescues Toddler Stuck Between Second-Floor Railing
Worker Rescues Toddler Stuck Between Second-Floor Railing

A toddler was found stuck between the rails of a second-floor bedroom window, dangling from their head at Jurong East Street in Singapore.

Luckily, a foreign worker was repairing a road nearby and responded to the shouts of onlookers. He climbed onto the ledge to push the child up with help from his colleagues. This dramatic footage that was uploaded to YouTube shows the moment the baby was rescued by the man.

One onlooker described the incident, saying that an aunt 'was the first to see the baby on the ledge and shouted and screamed for help.' Two men tried to heave themselves up on the ledge to save the baby, but they failed as they were not strong enough. They are now trying to identify the worker so he can be thanked by the family.

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