Crazy things you've done when dating someone new

Crazy Things You've Probably Done When Dating Someone New
Crazy Things You've Probably Done When Dating Someone New

We've all had to deal with that annoying girl who obsessively analyzes her awesome new relationship. Some of us might not want to admit it, but we deal with it because we've all been there. You don't want to drive your friends crazy, but his name keeps coming up like word vomit. You can't help it if a traveling brochure on the coffee table reminds you that Oliver has his pilot license, or that your BFF's ramen noodles make you think of this mind-blowing Italian restaurant he took you to last weekend.

You also can't help over-analyzing every text he sends, because how are you supposed to know the underlying meaning of "what's up" until you discuss and consider every possibility with your girlfriends? If you text back right away, will he think you're desperate and pathetic? Timing and word choice via text is key in a new relationship.

And then there's the awkward slip-up over coffee when you mention something he did last weekend that he never actually told you about. Now he knows you've been Facebook stalking him. Of course, you made sure to explain to your BFF during said Facebook stalking session that his less attractive pictures are meant to be ironic. He's obviously way cuter in person. Don't worry, next time you go out together you'll make sure to take an obscene amount of couple pictures. After a few months of getting to know each other, you'll tone down the crazy and resume your relationships in a healthy and level-headed manner.

Click through this slideshow to see all of the annoying things we do in new relationships:

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