"Connected" Episode 9: I can't help feeling like I'm her sidekick

Connected S1:E9  Clashing Baggage
Connected S1:E9 Clashing Baggage

The AOL Originals series, "Connected," follows six New Yorkers as they film themselves sans camera crews in a fresh twist on the unscripted format.

Among the cast is Jonathan Bricklin, a writer and entrepreneur from New York who also happened to be dating someone quite famous when he signed on to the show. He and Susan Sarandon appear together in intimate moments any couple can relate to throughout the initial episodes, giving a glimpse into the Oscar-winner's life outside the glare of Hollywood.

But after the series launched in March, Bricklin and Sarandon announced their split. Episode 9 captures the moments leading up to their breakup, which occurs eighteen minutes in, as the couple tearfully discusses their relationship.

Though Bricklin's participation in the docu-series was rumored to cause the couple's rift, he attributed the public nature of their relationship as his main frustration.

"Although we're together for almost six years now, whenever we're in public I still can't help feeling like I'm her sidekick," Bricklin says ten minutes into the video. "The only time I feel truly equal to Susan is when we are alone. And that is becoming a problem."

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