Census data reveals US immigrant population to top 51 million in 2023

One In Seven U.S. Residents To Be An Immigrant, Study
One In Seven U.S. Residents To Be An Immigrant, Study

America has been a country of immigrants since its founding and a new study predicts within the next decade the population of legal and illegal immigrants in the U.S. will hit an all-time high.

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies analyzed new figures from the U.S. Census and found by 2023 51 million legal and illegal immigrants will be living in the country. That's one in seven U.S. residents who were born abroad. It will be the highest immigrant population since 1910.

By 2060, the number will be around 78 million -- or roughly one in five residents.

The Center of Immigration Studies' report found that the surge in legal immigrants will have a huge impact on the nation and taxpayers.

"These numbers have important implications for workers, schools, infrastructure, congestion and the environment," Steven Camarota, the center's director of research, told the Washington Examiner. "They also may have implications for our ability to successfully assimilate and integrate immigrants. Yet there has been almost no national debate about bringing in so many people legally each year, which is the primary factor driving these numbers."

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