11 vacations that will max out your Fitbit steps


With summer vacation (and swimsuit season) coming up, we asked the folks at Fitbit to give us the rundown on how many steps these popular travel activities will earn you.

Of course, step counts are relative to an individual's stride and pace, but in general Fitbit says there are about 2,000 steps in one mile. So, walking the Freedom Trail in Boston, a 2.5-mile historical path, will get you 5,000 steps. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, an epic path from Mexico to Canada (which got recent attention in the book and movie "Wild"), clocks you in at around 5.2 million steps.

To find out how many steps you'll get on other popular treks -- from Machu Picchu to Chicago's Lakeshore Path -- click through the slideshow above.

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