Woman breaks down in tears after random act of generosity

Heart-Warming: Act Generosity Brings Woman to Tears
Heart-Warming: Act Generosity Brings Woman to Tears

Need your faith in humanity restored? Watch the video above.

One unsuspecting woman is selling roses on a crowded New York City subway when a man approaches her to ask the cost of one rose. The woman answers his question, waiting to sell him only a few flowers. She is completely taken aback when he buys her entire cart of roses and asks her to simply give out the roses for free for the rest of the day. She is so taken aback in fact, that she breaks down in tears of joy and relief on the train.

Watch and share this video with anyone who needs a little reminder that the world can be a wonderful place when we pass on random acts of kindness.

Does today call for extra mood-boosting? Check out the gallery below for an extra jolt of fuzzy feelings:

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