Drexel University accidentally accepts 495 denied applicants

Drexel University Accidentally Accepts 495 Denied Students
Drexel University Accidentally Accepts 495 Denied Students

Drexel University in Philadelphia is just the latest to have a snafu with its admissions system.

The university accidentally sent acceptance letters to 495 applicants who either had incomplete admissions or previously been denied by the university.

Once the mistake was realized, Drexel sent out an email to those applicants clarifying they hadn't actually been accepted. WTXF spoke with one of those rejected students, Tearra Bookard.

"It really felt like my dreams were shattered. My heart was crushed. I kind of like got depressed. ... To be rejected twice is kind of like a slap in the face," Bookard told WTXF.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the private school's undergraduate class has about 14,000 students. It has an acceptance rate of 81.5 percent.

Earlier this month, a third-party mailing service sent out acceptance brochures to more than 800 people who'd applied to Texas State University. Problem was, about 450 of those prospective students weren't actually accepted.

And Johns Hopkins Universitysent acceptance emails to 294 applicants who'd already been rejected last year in December.

Drexel didn't say anything to WTXF about reconsidering the applicants who already received those false acceptance letters, but Bookard says she hopes it will.

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