Dad uses drone to watch his daughter walk to school

Dad Uses Drone to Watch His Daughter Walk to School
Dad Uses Drone to Watch His Daughter Walk to School

Chris Early wanted to make sure his 8-year-old daughter, Katie, made it safely to school on her first time walking alone, so he used his drone to watch her.

Chris Early told WVLT, "It was something kind of fun to do, just to let her know that I'm, you know, that I'm watching her."

Early says he could see kids looking up and pointing at the drone.

Katie Early said: "I was like, 'Uh, wow.' He didn't tell me then, so I was pretty surprised."

Outlets are saying Early's form of hovering is taking the phrase "helicopter parenting" to a whole new level.

"Live with Kelly and Michael" host Michael Strahan said: "That's funny. I mean, that's when you almost just drive next to her and say, 'You walk it out.' You know."

Time even labeled Early as the "world's most embarrassing dad," saying, "Just wait until she starts dating."

It doesn't sound like Katie minds, though -- in fact, she told one reporter she thought it was cool. Either way, her dad says he won't be drone-watching her on a daily basis.

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