Brooklyn woman claims Uber sent her $16k bill

Woman Claims Uber Sent Her $16K Bill
Woman Claims Uber Sent Her $16K Bill


BROOKLYN (PIX11) - Jaime Hessel told us about her ride from Williamsburg to Midtown back on On March 28th.

"The guy didn't really know where he was going, and then his GPS kind of failed on him halfway through the trip," said Hessel.

Also, Hessel claims, "He was on his phone making calls, taking calls, checking his voicemail." She left Uber a comment and says Uber offered her a credit.

"Uber got back to me and they're just like oh you know we feel bad, we're going to issue a $15 credit and I was just like oh that's great, thank you so much, but they didn't give me the credit and three weeks later I contacted them, and I get an email saying I owe them $16,000 and this was yesterday and I was kind of thrown off a little bit," said Hessel.

Hessel says she reached out to Uber, but claims she didn't get an explanation right away, but says they said they were looking into it. Her boyfriend, she says then posted it on Reddit, and she says her story got picked up by various outlets.

"All of a sudden Uber calls me, like an hour and a half later ... trying to apologize and explain the situation and I asked them you know, how can I get charged $16,000? And, they're just like it oh you know it was a clerical error, someone put a decimal point in the wrong place and I'm like you were supposed to credit me $16, and you charged me $16,000, it's not a decimal point," said Hessel.

Hessel says she's used Uber before, and has had good experiences.

"They come up on time, I love the fact that you can see where your driver is when he's like on the map, I think that's great. I also find it great that you can see which way he's going on the GPS. I mean, I have no problem using Uber that's why I used it for that one occasion, too, as well," said Hessel.

In a statement, an Uber spokesperson tells PIX11 News, "We apologize to this rider for any inconvenience and we have provided a full refund for her trip."

Uber also says the rider was never charged the amounts of $12,000 and $16,000. Also, Uber says when they found out about the error it was changed the same day.

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