Baby has most demanding birthday party invite you'll ever read

Baby Has Most Demanding Birthday Party Invite You'll Ever Read
Baby Has Most Demanding Birthday Party Invite You'll Ever Read

An invitation to a baby's first birthday is going viral, not because it's funny or adorable, but because it's incredibly demanding.

Usually the only demand on an invitation is a friendly request to RSVP, but one birthday invite email posted last week on Reddit is so demanding, I would have a lawyer sign it.

"With [name redacted]'s birthday coming up, we thought we'd ask for 4 items that he will really get a lot of use out of in the coming months," the invitation reads. "I provided my mom and sister-in-law with a list of 4 other items [name redacted] would like for his birthday so that they can buy from their list and avoid duplication. We're asking for gifts only from grandparents and the direct aunt/uncle for [name redacted]'s birthday party, and similar to christmas, would like to restrict it to 2 items total per household."

The emailed invitation then provides links to a specific water table from Walmart, a play tunnel and a play tent from IKEA, and a "Fill In The Missing Cheerio" book. And the demands don't end there! The parents require all gifts to come with a receipt since they can lose some of the money if it's returned without one, they write how they don't want any more books as their child already has 32 and another 25 in storage, and they won't accept personalized clothing displaying the child's name because it leads to kidnapping.

This is still the craziest invitation we've ever seen. Perhaps a notary would have to sign off on the RSVP, and if for some reason you can't attend after accepting the invitation, you'd get an invoice in the mail for a no-show fee, like one father did in England. His 5-year-old was hit with a bill for not attending a friend's birthday party.

So here's a gift idea for kid with the demanding mother with the crazy invitation: Give a savings bond so that child can pay for all the therapy he's going to need when he grows up.

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