Vietnam veteran touched by kind note left on his car

Vietnam Veteran Touched by Kind Note Left on His Car
Vietnam Veteran Touched by Kind Note Left on His Car

"Never anybody has ever taken the time to write like this."

That was Vietnam veteran Richard Smith, who found a note in the driver's door handle of his car Sunday. He read the note to our partners at WPTV.

"I thank you so much for fighting for our country. The dedication of your life will always, forever be appreciated. So much love to you. Have a beautiful, peaceful happy day and life, God bless."

"I said, 'Wow, that's really something.' It got me a little emotional," Smith said.

Smith explains this act of gratitude was very different from the reactions he and his comrades got when they returned from war about 50 years ago.

Smith told WPTV, "We were still frowned on, cursed at. Not a welcoming home like you see today at all."

WPTV posted the note to its Facebook page, and one commenter who also served in the Vietnam War related to Smith's story. Other commenters made sure to thank him for his service as well.

Smith is hoping the writer of the note will see this story on the news, so he can thank the person for the kind gesture.

A similar story happened in early April when a thank-you note was found on the windshield of veteran Tom Robinson's car.

Tom Robinson told WPXI, "This is one of the very first notes I've ever gotten left on my vehicle."

His wife posted the note to Facebook and later met the teenager who wrote the letter. And in case you're wondering how these note writers knew Smith and Robinson were veterans, they both had special veteran license plates.

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