TV documentary reconstructs final hours of Robin Williams' life

TV Documentary Reconstructs Final Hours Of Robin Williams' Life
TV Documentary Reconstructs Final Hours Of Robin Williams' Life

A British television documentary is claiming that Robin Williams spent his final hours in a paranoid frenzy, stuffing watches in socks and looking up drugs online because he was convinced he had another illness.

Viacom's Channel 5 documentary miniseries 'Autopsy' features Dr. Richard Shepherd, a forensic pathologist has investigated the deaths of numerous celebrities, including Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

According to the Daily Mail, Shepherd says in the show that Robin "stuffed his collection of watches into a sock and took it to a friend for safekeeping" and that he "also spent his final 24 hours frantically looking up drugs online, convinced he had another illness."

The 63-year-old had been struggling with depression, anxiety and Parkinson's disease. After his death, an examination revealed he had also been suffering from an undiagnosed case of Lewy body dementia - something that could have contributed to his bizarre behavior.

Many have taken issue with Channel 5 airing the episode which is said to include a graphic reenactment of his suicide.

Those close to Robin called on fans to demand that the show doesn't air the episode and posted a link to Viacom's contact form.

A friend of the family told the Daily Mirror, "With each passing day the pain for Robin's family eases just a fraction but something as disturbing as this just takes them backwards. Why anyone would want to make such a programme is beyond comprehension. His wife and family will be utterly dismayed that someone is seeking to profit from Robin's death in such a grotesque way. The producers should be ashamed of themselves."

Others took to Twitter saying, "Why are they making an Autopsy show about Robin Williams?! There's no mystery; we know how he died. Shame on you, Channel 5."

The show is set to air in the U.K. on April 22.

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