Time 100 Gala: Our favorite moments from the red carpet

Influencers Kim Kardashian And Kanye West At The TIME 100 Gala
Influencers Kim Kardashian And Kanye West At The TIME 100 Gala

AOL was on the ground at the 2015 TIME 100 Gala red carpet, and the guest list was stacked. With attendees and honorees ranging from Elizabeth Holmes to Kim Kardashian, Diane von Furstenberg to Matt Lauer, it was a pretty incredible red carpet to witness.

We were able to speak with several of the inspirational attendees, and got a few awesome photos as well. Kim and Kanye ducked into the ceremony through a back door (they are Hollywood royalty, after all) but not before we snapped a picture of the glamorous duo as they made a stop on the red carpet!

You're probably not surprised to hear that many on the carpet -- including the incredible Diane von Furstenberg -- named their mothers when we asked, "Who is the most influential person in your life?" but we felt it was a sweet note just on the verge of Mother's Day.

Arianna Huffington said of her mother: "We grew up in a one bedroom apartment, but she always made us feel that we could follow our dreams, and I knew that if I failed she wouldn't love me any less."

We spoke with chef, author and Food Network star Ina Garten (and her husband Jeffrey!) and asked what her absolute favorite meal to cook is. "My favorite meal is actually probably the simplest," she said. "It's in my Parties book: a rack of lamb and orzo with roasted vegetables. It comes out perfectly every time! You can make the orzo in advance so it's ready, and the rack of lamb is so easy to time, so it's great. And maybe a whiskey sour to drink!"

Another fun moment on the carpet was seeing Katie Couric and Emma Watson chat as if they were old friends -- the coolest collision of powerful women. Emma looked stunning in an edgy Dior ensemble, rocking the glamorous pants look once again, and taking the carpet by storm.

Watson wasn't the only stylish individual at the huge event, but she certainly was one of our favorites. Click through below to see our best dressed of the TIME 100 Gala red carpet, and what everyone was wearing: