See Jessa and Ben's big '19 Kids & Counting' announcement

See Jessa and Ben's Big '19 Kids & Counting' Announcement
See Jessa and Ben's Big '19 Kids & Counting' Announcement

During Jessa and Ben Seewald's European honeymoon episode of "19 Kids and Counting," the newlywed couple had a very exciting announcement to make to their fans...

"We are so excited to announce we're expecting a baby! We are in week 12 right now, and things are going great," said Jessa Seewald on "19 Kids and Counting."

People broke the news just hours before the episode aired, and Jessa told the outlet their little bundle of joy's due date is November 1, their wedding anniversary. How... timely!

Unlike her big sister Jill, who just gave birth to her son Israel last week, Jessa decided to wait until her second trimester to announce her big baby news.

But as The Huffington Post pointed out, this new baby is only the beginning for the ever-expanding Duggar/Seewald family.

"Jessa and Ben have spoken about wanting to adopt children, in addition to having biological children, and ... they still plan to do so."

Hollywood Life called the news "exciting," saying that the "family will be swimming in babies soon." Because apparently that wasn't already the case.

Well, regardless, congratulations to the happy couple!