Mysterious signs of kindness in Cincinnati were put up by a hospice

Hospice Service Is Behind Mystery Signs Making Cincinnati Feel Good
Hospice Service Is Behind Mystery Signs Making Cincinnati Feel Good

For the past week or so, Anderson Township outside Cincinnati has seen some kindness confusion that no one really seemed able to figure out.

"I put it up on my Facebook page and said, 'Hey, has anybody seen this?'" local resident Susan Mahaney said.

Despite many questions and a lot of social media attention, no one was able to solve the mystery of people holding up friendly signs at a particular intersection in Anderson Township.

They included messages like "I will always make grilled cheese like you" and "I couldn't have asked for better parents."

So WCPO sent out reporter Tony Mirones, who had the answer by the end of the day. Hospice of Cincinnati sent actors out to hold the signs and spread positive messages under a social media campaign #ThingsYouShouldntWaitToSay.

The signs certainly seem to have done their job. One mom who spoke to WCPO told the station her 9-year-old son began watching for the signs every day and one in particular made her week better.

"[It] said, 'I admire how hard you work,'" Bauereis said. "That really spoke to me on a personal level. Everybody wants to be told they're a hard worker and that somebody admires how hard they work."

Certainly, it's a fun mystery for people around Cincinnati to solve.

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