Lindsay Lohan makes major snafu on Instagram

Lindsay Lohan Tells Fans 'You Are A Donkey'
Lindsay Lohan Tells Fans 'You Are A Donkey'

Leave it up to Lindsay Lohan to try a little Instagram inspiration and end up calling everyone an ass.She posted this image to her account on Monday. As you can see, the *English* words read "You're beautiful" but the Arabic words above that mean "You're a donkey."

Chances are Lohan saw the image online and posted it to her Instagram without running it through Google translate.

Fortunately she has fans who know the language well and were able to point out her her mistake.

She shared the photo on Twitter, writing "habibi," which is a ubiquitous Arabic term for endearment - at least she got that right.

Other celebs found the post hilarious.

Kelly Osbourne tweeted, "#YouAreADonkey" followed by a slew of crying laughing faces.

Lohan is now living in London. She recently told Hunger magazine the move was motivated by her desire for anonymity after growing up in the spotlight. The 28-year-old has been testing her International prowess on social media, posting photos to Instagram with captions in Italian and French.

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