Incredible student at Mississippi State University grills a sandwich during class

College Student Grills Sandwich During Lecture
College Student Grills Sandwich During Lecture

If you think kids these days don't learn really important life lessons in college, then you haven't seen this student frying up some bacon mid-lecture.

Cosmopolitan reports that a Mississippi State University student named Britt Reynolds took the shot of a student whipping out a George Foreman grill while rocking pajamas and slippers. SB Nation writes that there was, in fact, a scent of bacon wafting through the room.

Britt also confirmed there was cheese and that the bread was toasted ... and here you thought you couldn't possibly love this story any more! The tweet was picked up by Total Frat Move, and soon the Internet was abuzz.

Now, however, we know that this national hero is Roman Ehrhardt, and there was a good reason for his odd meal.

BuzzFeed community member emmamhawes explained the backstory, writing that, "In an interview with Ehrhardt, the reason why he brought the grill to class was for a project where he had to violate a societal norm in a small group communication class taught by Dr. Hank Flick. Usually in the past, students have walked backwards in public places for norm violations."

BuzzFeed community member emmamhawes went on to explain that a friend gave Roman the idea -- but quickly noted that he should not do it. Of course Roman went through with it and was sure to work with another professor to bring his greasy plan to fruition.

So the next time you're afraid to make a potentially ground-breaking change that goes slightly against the grain, just think of Roman and grill up the proverbial bacon sandwich of your life.

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