​How to clean up a gasoline spill in your garage with cat litter

How to Clean Up a Gasoline Spill in Your Garage with Cat Litter!

Whether it's milk in the kitchen or red wine on your favorite white carpet, a spill in your house can be a pain to clean up.

But when it comes to gasoline in your garage, an easy fix may be found in a simple bag of cat litter.

According to Dr. Ian Smith, a gasoline spill on a disposable tarp can be absorbed using cat litter. He recommends leaving the cat litter down for at least 48 hours.

If you don't have cat litter handy, Dr. Ian says you can also use sawdust.

Dr. Ian also recommends using a disposable tarp over a carpet in your garage.

"It's safer, disposable and not as expensive," he says.

"During the summer and late spring, it gets very hot [in your garage]," Dr. Ian continues. "If you have gasoline here, it becomes very flammable. All kinds of things can ignite it."

To learn more, watch the video, above.

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