What's your Beanie Baby worth?

How to Determine the Value of Your Beanie Babies
How to Determine the Value of Your Beanie Babies

In case you haven't heard, a U.K. couple purchased an extremely rare Princess Diana edition Beanie Baby at a garage sale for just $10. Unbeknownst to them, the '90's mini collectible is actually worth an estimated $90K!

We know what you're thinking, so by all means head down to your garage, or up to your attic and find your old Beanie Babies collection because today just might be your lucky day. Your inability to part with you lovable collection of plush minis may actually pay off!

Here's how to determine the value of your Beanie Babies:

Step 1: Authentication
Authenticate your Beanie Babies with the help of an expert, especially if you believe you own a rare model. Around 1997, counterfeit Beanie Babies began to surface and were sold at discounted prices. Although it is unlikely that people are still manufacturing fakes, older fakes continue to surface on eBay.

Step 2: Internet research
Visit Ty.com to determine when your Beanie Babies were retired, or whether they are limited editions. Simply type in the name of your Beanie Baby and jot down the info provided. If nothing comes up, feel free to contact a Ty rep here with your questions and concerns.

Step 3: Price guides
Evaluate the condition of your beanies, also noting the condition of the Ty tag. A missing tag may drop the value of your baby as much as 50%. Beanie Babies have two types of tags: swing or also called "heart tags" and tush tags, those attached to your beanies rear end. Each tag over time has gone through many changes, these changes have become known as "generations," there are currently 15 generations of swing tags, and 13 generations of tush tags, a special Canadian tush tag, and the rare few Beanie Babies embroidered tush tags.

Step 4: Current auction price
Consult a Beanie Babies price guide book, magazine, or online catalog to determine a rough idea of the toy's value.

Step 5: Conduct an advanced search
There are recently completed auctions of similar models to gain an understanding of today's value for specific Beanie Babies.

Quick Tip: Sell Beanie Babies as singles rather than as a collection for the best return on your investment.​

Step 6: Estimate value
Estimate your Beanie Babies' value conservatively as sales may fluctuate from the high to low side. Now, if you can part with that lovingly collected herd of wide-eyed beanies, you'll know you're getting a fair market price.

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