Tom Brady politely refused to give advice to Robert Griffin III

Tom Brady Throws Horrible First Pitch at Red Sox Home Opener
Tom Brady Throws Horrible First Pitch at Red Sox Home Opener

Tom Brady has been winning Super Bowls for years, four rings to be exact, and Robert Griffin III wants to know the secret of the champions. As a starter, Griffin III has been often injured and performing poorly for the past two seasons - ever since his knee surgery.

The Patriots' star quarterback and his team were recently compared to a high school team by RG3 - in the nicest and most high-praised way possible.

"What you do learn from watching (Brady) - and then watching the Patriots organization - you get a big-picture look at it. Man, honestly, they operate like a high school football team. You remember in high school, how the coach calls everybody up, everybody runs up, gets on a knee and looks at the coach like what he is saying is the most important thing in the world? That's how the Patriots are."

After giving some weird high praise to the Patriots after watching them in the Redskins-Patriots joint practice, Griffin III thought he would ask Brady for some career advice on how to become a little bit more of a winner like him.

Brady's response? Priceless.

While as of right now Griffin III is absolutely no threat to the Brady thrown in the NFL, the veteran quarterback is still smart enough, and polite enough, to refuse the advice to one of the young guns in the league.

However, RG3 could use all the advice he can get his hands on as his numbers have decreased heavily in the past two years - and so has his games played.

Since his rookie year in which he threw for 3,200 yards, 20 touchdowns and five interceptions in 15 games, Griffin III has played just 22 games, tossing for just under 4,900 yards with 20 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.

The 25-year-old former Heisman winner spent most of last season riding the pine because of a leg injury and he came back to be more accurate, but less effective than he was his rookie season.

Pretty funny that he was rejected the advice from one of the guys he looks up to, though. There's always next year, Rob.

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