The Internet rejoices over 'Full House' reboot

John Stamos Confirms 'Full House' Reboot Coming to Netflix
John Stamos Confirms 'Full House' Reboot Coming to Netflix

John Stamos' confirmation of a whole new season of 'Full House' sent the internet into celebratory overdrive last night. Happy tears were shed, Mary-Kate & Ashley VHS tapes were dusted off, and the world generally became a brighter place. Scroll below to share in the sheer joy of the fans who really could not get ahold of themselves.

This girl who wouldn't even care if Paul McCartney showed up on her doorstep right now because *UNCLE JESSE IS BACK.*

This girl who just needs a little space right now to process her emotions.


This girl who has a #FullerHeart after confirmation of #FullerHouse. (See what we did there? Punny. Very punny.)

In summary, yesterday was Christmas and John Stamos is now Santa Clause after giving the world that amazing gift of confirmation. What other TV shows would you love to see make a comeback? Let us know in the comments!

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