Species of frog resembling Kermit found in Costa Rica

Newly Discovered Frog Resembles Kermit
Newly Discovered Frog Resembles Kermit

A new species of glass frog discovered in Costa Rica and it looks an awful lot like America's most famous frog.

The little creature might just woo Miss Piggy with its bulging white eye and bright green skin, although this little guy isn't driven by a puppeteer.

The newly-discovered species is known as "Hyalinobatrachium dianae," which might make the "Kermit" nickname more popular.

Dr. Brian Kubicki, who photographed and discovered the frog, told the Tico Times he named the species after his mother Janet Diana.

According to the Amphibian Research Center, are 14 different types of glass frogs in Costa Rica alone.

They're known as glass frogs because they have see-through bellies that showcase their internal organs from underneath.

As our favorite frog once said, "It's not easy being green."