Rare quadruple rainbow brightens the sky across New York and New Jersey

Quadruple Rainbow in NY
Quadruple Rainbow in NY

If you get just as excited about ROY G. BIV as double rainbow guy, you're about to go wild for this story.

CBS New York reports that people across the Tri-State area were awed by a quadruple rainbow following some nasty rainy weather.

Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel noted on Twitter that the phenomenon is actually two sets of double rainbows. On AMHQ, Sam Champion, Jim Cantore and Jennifer Delgado spoke with the woman who took the viral photo. Amanda Curtis explains that she was waiting for the train at the Glen Cove, NY station when she saw "two double rainbows, and was just absolutely blown away by it, and decided to take the opportunity to snap the picture to use for later inspiration."

Champion chimed in, joking that if he saw something this amazing, he'd be too stunned to reach for his phone. Cantore admits that he was pretty skeptical at first, assuming it might have been Photoshopped or a reflection from the train window.

Curtis says it's 100 percent real, and it wasn't taken through the glass of a window. "I was outside and my train was coming, so I think I'm good under pressure and decided to snap it and run after the train."

Curtis wasn't the only person to get a glimpse of the beautiful sight. Twitter lit up with images from New York and New Jersey.

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