NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys not interested in trading for Adrian Peterson?

Garafolo: Don't Expect to See Peterson at Vikings' Offseason Workouts
Garafolo: Don't Expect to See Peterson at Vikings' Offseason Workouts

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the teams reportedly in the mix to acquire disgruntled Minnesota Vikings running back and could be the preferred destination for the Palestine, TX native, but Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones doesn't foresee any trades for veterans.

Jones was on 105.3 in Dallas on Tuesday morning when he said "I don't see us using any picks to trade for veteran players" so was this a smokescreen as they try to keep their cards close to the vest or was a front office executive actually telling the truth nine days before the draft begins?

This time of year you have to take any comments from general managers, coaches and any other front-office members with a grain of salt, because it's draft season, so do you believe him?

The Vikings have maintained their public stance that they have absolutely no desire to trade the future Hall of Famer and perennial Pro Bowl runner who has played his entire career with the Vikings, but if they get a first round pick and a player on top of that they'd consider making a trade.

Would the Cowboys move the No. 27 pick in the NFL Draft and a starting-caliber player to acquire the 30-year-old Peterson?

I don't think they should. Not if Melvin Gordon and/or Todd Gurley are on the board. The Cowboys would be much better off with one of those two running backs than Peterson who only played one game last year, is 30 years old, and has more than $12 million owed to him the next three seasons.

The Cowboys weren't persuaded by public opinion in drafting former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel last year when that seemed like the popular pick and something team owner and general manager, Jerry Jones could get behind.

Instead of making the move that the fans would embrace, he made the smart football choice and drafted Zack Martin to bolster the offensive line. He made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, the Cowboys have the best offensive line in the NFL and Manziel had a disastrous rookie season and spent two months in a rehab facility.

Trading for Peterson would be a great move in Madden or for your fantasy team, but in real life, the Cowboys should pass on Peterson and draft one of the talented, young, cost-effective running backs in this year's class like Gurley or Gordon in the first or players like Duke Johnson, Ameer Abdullah or Tevin Coleman in the second round.

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